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The Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) verifies that the electrical work and installations that have been completed are up to the regulations required by National Standards (SANS10142) Part 1 and can only be issued by a registered person.
Besides the fact that the COC is proof that the electrical installation is safe, the law requires a property owner to be in possession of an Electrical COC, as do insurance companies. If a property incurs any damage as a result of an electrical fault, the insurance company will require the owner to provide them with a valid electrical certificate. Failure to produce the document could result in the insurance company repudiating the claim.
It is good maintenance practice to have your property re-inspected for wear and tear every two years, regardless of whether the owner is intending to sell the property or not. This will ensure that the wiring in remains safe during the period the owner or tenant occupies the property. Mr Voltage makes use of an electronic diary system and photographic evidence to ensure that records are kept regarding electrical work that was performed. This reinforces the peace of mind we provide to our clients when a COC is issued.